New Work

Abstract 23024, 28x36", 36x47", 2016 Abstract 23060b, 28x36", 36x47", 2016 Abstract 23194b, 28x37", 54x73", 2016 Abstract 23264, 28x32", 44x50", 2016 Abstract 23316, 28x42", 40x61", 2016 Abstract 23359, 28x36", 36x47", 2016 Abstract 23450c, 31x28", 50x45", 2016 Abstract 23561, 39x28", 51x36", 2016 Abstract 23717, 28x46", 33x55", 2016 Abstract 23773c, 28x38", 40x55", 2016 Abstract 24218, 31x28", 50x45", 2016 Abstract 24159b, 28x37", 44x59", 2016 Abstract 24254, 28x28", 44x44", 2016

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