2 thoughts on “Abstract 23060b, 28×36″, 36×47″, 2016

  1. Mary Raiman

    Love this work! I presume it does not have a title, as I did not see one. One look at this and I immediately thought: Toxic Rain and it evoked a sense of despair. Please don’t misunderstand me; I would never dare suggest a title for any artist, as all creations are intimate and personal. I just wanted to express what I had felt and thought. I was never attracted to abstract art, but you have drawn me into this world with your works. Thank you for the time you spend in creative endeavors; it is appreciated more than I can convey.

    1. Hi Mary, lThank you for the wonderful comments. The titles are always “Abstract xxxxx”. It was taking up too much time trying to think up name titles. Are you in New York?
      Cheers, Kim

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